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A quick note from Katie Beamon

There is a magic moment when you find the home that is right for you, right now. I am overjoyed to be a part of seeing dreams come true. When life changes and it's time to move to a new home, or simply realize the equity gained in your investment, I'll be there to make sure you are taken care of, because for me it's 100% about relationships. My business is referral based, and I am so thankful to see it grow year after year, with the mutual appreciation. Here are a couple reasons things seem to work well for us:

 -     Clear and often communication makes for seamless transactions.
 -     Doing the right thing is always the best route.
 -     We are a team - Our relationship grows with each challenge we overcome together.
 -     No celebrating until closing! I don't win unless your goals are met.
 -     My Strategy, Negotiation, and Competition ability are your competitive advantage.
 -     15 years of Corporate Business Experience in Human Resources, Recruiting,
       & Management brings valuable facilitation ability helping us seek the win-win for all.

In the rare event you can't reach me, it's likely because I am feeding my cows, am on a horse or in a river waving a stick in the air, chasing wild trout. I am a fly-fishing guide and do offer clients free fishing lessons. A Colorado Native, I love sharing the outdoors with others.

Having balance in life, a loving family, and appreciation for all the gifts Northern Colorado offers keeps a smile on my face, and an optimism that some say is contagious. Buying or selling a home, or doing both, is such a big decision. I understand the stress and pressure you feel and aim to ease the burden. This should be and can be fun, and the long-term joy of fond memories created in your home is the reward we share.