Katie Helped Me...Buy It

Thinking of buying a house?

When you decide to buy a house, it's more than just a place to live; it becomes your home. It's also one of the biggest financial decision you may make in your life. So, it's important to have a professional working on your behalf, making sure that your interests are protected.

Although a home purchase is often guided by emotion, this is a business transaction. As a professional Realtor®, I am trained to handle the business side of your transaction. I strive to provide you with valuable knowledge about the home buying process, navigating you every step of the way.

Remember, when you work with a buyer's agent, they work FOR you, but you don't pay them. You need a buyer's agent, and since it doesn't cost you anything for their representation, it's a win-win! Typically speaking, all commissions are paid by the seller, although all terms are negotiable. Most homes on the market are represented through a seller's agent, so it's important for you, as a buyer, to be equally represented by a buyer's agent.

Questions? Don't worry. Contact me, or browse through our other buyer information articles below.



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